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2013 Brevard Live Music Awards
Entertainer of Year 2013 is the Brevard Busking Coalition.
Frequently referred to as the hometown version of the Grammys, the annual Brevard Live Music Awards ceremony is the biggest night of the year for Florida’s East Coast music scene. In 2013, the show returned to Melbourne’s fabulous Henegar Center for its incredible 10th run.

It was the 10th annual Brevard Live Music Awards and it had to be special, After all, 10 years are a long time, and longivity is not synonymous with show biz. But if you had even the slightest doubt that this year’s awards ceremony could be anything but impressive, you don’t know Brevard County! Our ever-evolving, creative and talented music scene has been showcasing itself every year on this stage. By the time we open the curtain for the Brevard Live Music Awards bands have rallied, music fans have voted, and some of the finest talent has come together to contribute to this glamorous event that highlights live music in this county. The goal is to produce the best possible show and make it - UNFORGETTABLE!
There were those special moments: When Shelly McLoney, Tammy Haun, and Leslie Mitchell from Bittersweet harmonized the National Anthem, it silenced the exited audience within a second. When Master of Cermony John Leach let his hair down, we knew this was rock’n’roll. When rock star and former UFO-guitarist Paul Chapman announced to “moon” Jack Starr in honor of the Ambassador Lifetime Achievement Award that he would present to Jack, few of us expected that to happen...  “This was a true heavy metal moment,” declared Jack who was visibly moved by this honor. And then there was the moment when Joe Calautti realized that the “Hometown Legend,” who co-producer Ana Kirby was talking about just feet away, was HIM. His facial expression was priceless. - It’s true! Joe, despite being part of the production team, was left clueless, and he was in for the surprise.

And then there was the sad moment, right after the applause for all the gracious sponsors that made this event happen, when Ron Chabot of Budweiser/Carroll Distributing took the stage to remember his best friend David “Siggy” Sigafoos who had passed away just two weeks earlier. Siggy had been a Grand Old Man in our local music scene. His encouragement and sponsorship helped creating the very first Brevard Live Music Awards.

But it’s those live performances that make this show so special. Adding sound expert Mark Brasel to the production team opened the door to full bands, full sound, and a more intense production (despite a few hiccups at the beginning of the show). Gary Kirby performed a song written by his father. It was fine and gentle - “Chasing Rainbows”. Then Billy Lee and his band A Touch of Soul performed a song that the soul singer recorded 6 years ago with the late Billy Van Riper and that hasn’t been played live since then. Chuck Van Riper took over his twin-brother’s guitar part and delivered another special BMA-moment. Katty Pleasant showed her original side. She embodies the term entertainer whether it is belting out songs from the 80s or commanding the stage with a song of her own.

To set the record straight! When we talked about which bands to feature on our stage, the nomination phase for “Favorite” musicians wasn’t even completed. The Brevard Live Music Awards have always featured original talent to showcase Brevard’s creative scene, and the Brevard Busking Coalition has been an insider secret ever since they won the Original Music Series in January 2013. Slowly but surely they have converted the masses one kazoo at a time. MC John Leach announced them stating: “There’s a phrase in life when you’re either on the bus, or off the bus. These guys OWN the bus!” When those “Buskers” finished their set, the crowd went wild, well, most of them. Then came the announcement of the Entertainer Of The Year 2013: “Brevard Busking Coalition!” And John Leach’s comment: “C’mon guys, give someone else a chance. It looks on stage as if San Francisco exploded!”

Congratulations to all winners and nominees. It takes every one of you to make this event happen every year. All participants worked hard, had fun, and left the event feeling rewarded by the talent this county has to offer. At the end of the day, several thousands of dollars were raised for Brevard Music Aid Inc., a non-profit organization that helps musicians in need. - Everybody WON!
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