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Benefit Concert for Larry Dewese
Musician Skip Gosnell organized the event. Anita Brix wrote about it.

Last Thursday evening (October 27th, 2022), there was a benefit held for Larry Dewese at a local venue in Palm Bay. Larry, a truly gifted singer and guitarist, is battling serious health issues and this benefit was created to help support him and his family in their time of need. It was an amazing night with lots of music, laughter and love. The bar was filled to overflowing with musicians and friends alike, all paying homage to this amazing man who has brought so much enjoyment to us for the last four years.

So many bands came, all wanting to play at the benefit. Phoenix with Ellen Onieal, Andy Margileth and D.J. from Heat Stroke, Roger Holloway & Steve Cowden of Last Chance Band, Bart Carter of Last Call, Bobby Potter from Sugarfoot, Tom Tritt of the Blue Diamond Band, Bob Coleman of The Coolers, Steve Mallory, Simply Sarah, East Coast Band and the All American Band all came out to honor Larry.

Each of them had stories about a time when their band suddenly needed a guitarist and when they called Larry, his answer was “What time do you need me and where am I going?” We kept hearing “This is for Larry” or “We love you, Larry” from the musicians. as they all gave excellent performances for their friend.

It was a great night and a fitting tribute for a truly wonderful man.

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