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When I was 15 my step father gave me a small stack of records he had collected through the years. Some of my favorite artists were discovered in that pile of treasure. It’s where I first got my study on with players like Eric Clapton, and songwriters like Jackson Brown. I would put these records on, dim the lights and lay in bed listening to every note. One record that was a treat to discover was Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”. A 17-minute song that took up an entire side of a record. I listened to that record until I wore it out, especially the organ solo around 9 minutes in. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida dropped in 1968 and is widely considered to be the very first heavy metal album. Whether it is or not causes some debate, but one thing is for sure: Iron Butterfly certainly was the foundation that the houses of hard rock and metal were built on.
Her story is one that is not unlike many: aspiring songwriter dreams of someday debuting on stage to glory and fame. Then school, relationships and “real world” responsibilities would put it on hold. For years. For many, these pipe dreams would have stayed put in an old scrapbook pulled out on Friday nights. But for Kovach, aka KelMarie, it spawned a seconnd life and chance in the Sunshine State.
Brevard Live Music Awards Show 2014
It’s been the hometown “Grammys” for a decade, and year after year the Brevard Live Music Awards have become bigger and better. Every year it is amazing how much creative energy goes into a show that represents our local music scene with all its talent, glamour, and favorites.
2013 Brevard Live Music Awards
Frequently referred to as the hometown version of the Grammys, the annual Brevard Live Music Awards ceremony is the biggest night of the year for Florida’s East Coast music scene. In 2013, the show returned to Melbourne’s fabulous Henegar Center for its incredible 10th run.

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